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How I became a freelance photographer

I have never done well with bosses. Every job I've ever had there has been some sense of giving up a piece of myself for the work. When working a regular job I feel like I'm loosing more than I am gaining. This is why I want to take my passion for photography and film making and make it my world!

This is the first YouTube video I've ever made. I'll tell you right now, it's not that good. What I can tell you is that it was a start! It was my first step into really trying to make something. It was a creative outlet I have been searching for my whole life. They did end up getting a lot better. Please go check out some more of my videos and make sure to subscribe! #shamelessplug

This was an important lesson for me. It was that if there is something that you want to do, the only thing holding you back from doing it is just you doing it!

This is from my very first photowalk. I've always LOVED walking around and exploring San Francisco, but this was the first time with the intention of taking photos. Street photography is probably my favorite kind of photos to make. Seeking out special little moments that would normally be over looked is such a beautiful thing. There is art everywhere you look, you just have to be willing to capture it.

After a long time of taking photos for fun I got an opportunity to take photos and video for my friend's wedding. My girlfriend, now wife, who is also a photographer helped take the photos while I focused on the video. This was my introduction to the idea that I can get paid, maybe even make a living, doing what I loved to do.

From there I started working different jobs, mostly through word of mouth. Now I am trying to make this my full time passion. If you like my story please visit my Instagram and give me a follow @JustosPhotos and stay tuned on here for some cool stuff! I have a lot planned!

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